There are a handful of ways to get a new-to-you vehicle. Some people choose to pay cash, others will lease a car, and specific dealers allow buyers to charge on a credit card. Each way of getting yourself in a vehicle has its pros and cons, but the best option by far is financing. F&M Auto Sales is connected with over 30 lenders to ensure everyone gets 100% fast and easy auto financing to fit their needs. We work with everyone from Self-Employment, Fixed Income, Repos, Medical Bills, etc. F&M Auto Sales is proud to help people in all credit situations. 

Paying Cash

Buying a vehicle with your own money has its benefits. You don’t have to worry about any monthly payments. There’s no loan, so you won’t have to pay interest and won’t add to any existing debt you might have. With that being said, vehicles are a big purchase. It’s not a good idea to deplete your savings that you need for current expenses or emergency use. Financing a car can be a great way to start or re-establish your credit history. If you pay with cash, you can’t boost your credit - but a loan you properly manage will.

If you're waiting and saving up cash because you think less-than-perfect credit won't qualify you for a loan, let us assure you that financing is still an option at F&M Auto Sales. Many dealerships work with only one or two lenders. We have more lenders than most dealerships in the area, which means that we offer more financing options for our customers. Go to our Auto Loan Calculator to start calculating what your monthly payments could be.


Leasing can seem like an excellent option for some. You can get a newer car and have a fixed monthly payment. Many people forget leases can include a host of fees and penalties. You are often constricted to a limited number of miles you can put on the vehicle. You also are usually required to have full coverage insurance. This easily can lead to a higher ultimate cost - especially if you keep the vehicle after the lease is up - than if you were to buy the car in the first place. 

Credit Card

A third option for purchasing a new-to-you car, truck or SUV some may consider is using a charge card. You can find some dealers that allow buyers to put the down payment or the entire cost of the vehicle on credit cards. While this method may have some upsides, such as minor minimum monthly payment and rewards like cash back or points, the downsides are highly significant. Credit card interest rates tend to be very high compared to car financing rates. This difference in interest will significantly increase the total you will end up paying for the vehicle.

F&M Auto Sales works with several top-of-the-line prime credit lenders in Detroit. We will even directly deal with your lender if you’ve gotten pre-approved by your bank or credit union, for example. Qualified buyers with decent credit can enjoy competitive rates as low as 2.9%. That’s right there with new car dealers, but at F&M Auto you won’t see a new car mark-up on the sticker price! 

There’s no reason financing should make you anxious. Don’t regret paying cash, leasing, or using a credit car. F&M Auto Sales is here to help you get easily financed and driving today. You won’t be overwhelmed with large payments - we work with your situation so everything is reasonable and affordable. Check out our inventory and apply online hassle-free.