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Financing With F&M Auto

Financing is a stressful word for most of us. It comes with many negative connotations and is especially worse for people that have struggled with their finances. But it’s nearly impossible to get through your life without having to finance things, one of them being a car. Nowadays, almost everyone needs a car to get around. To be able to drive to work, go to the store, and take your kids to school. You should be able to buy yourself a car even if you have bad credit. No matter who you are or where you’re from, we believe that everyone deserves to own the car of their dreams. 

At F&M Auto Sales, we’re here to help you finance your choice of any of our high-quality pre-owned vehicles. Your credit shouldn’t hold you back from owning a car you can be proud of -- and here, it won’t! Whether you stop by our lot to check out our large inventory of sleek cars, heavy-duty trucks, and rugged SUVs or visit our virtual showroom, our dedicated sales staff is here to make your next purchase the best buying experience possible. You can go to our Auto Loan Calculator to start calculating what your monthly payments might be.

Benefits of Financing with F&M
There are many benefits when buying a car and financing with us at F&M. We’ve had so many great reviews from our pleased customers over the years because we go out of our way. We ensure that every customer gets the right financing that they can afford so they can be driving their dream car. Some of the major benefits that you’ll find with us and not other dealerships are:

  1. Many dealerships have only one or two lenders. We have more lenders than most dealerships in the area, which means that we offer more financing options for our customers. 
  2. You don’t need a cosigner
  3. F&M makes sure that your payments are affordable. 
  4. We can even possibly help you boost your credit score as we did for, Keneshia Mccollins, “Altogether it was $3,500...my insurance tags registration and plate were included. My note is 332 for 24mths. I love it because I didn't need a cosigner and it instantly took my credit scores up 22points.” 

F&M auto is always glad to hear that we can help get our customers on the road in the car they’ve always wanted.

Don’t be afraid of financing anymore. F&M is here to help you. We aren’t going to overwhelm you with large payments. With our financing, your payments will be reasonable and affordable. We will get you financed, we will get you in one of our great cars, and you have a great chance of even improving your credit score like Keneshia! Check out our inventory today and apply online hassle-free. If you have a possible Trade-In you can even get started with that evaluation by filling out our Trade-In Form.

What you need to drive today

F&M Auto is here to help you get a car and
be driving it right away. We’re not here to
make you jump through hoops or feel
ashamed of any previous bad credit. We
only ask you to bring a few things with you to be able
to drive one of our cars today!

Valid ID
The first thing we will need from you is a
valid ID so you can prove you are who you
say you are. A driver’s license would be the
most ideal form of ID, but a passport or other
type of state-issued ID will work fine, too.

Income of $700 a month
You need to have an income of $700 or
more a month to be able to purchase one of
our many great used cars. Check out our broad selection

Last Paystub
You will need to bring with you your last
paystub so that you can prove to us that you
have an income of $700 or more a month.

Proof of Residence**
You will need to be able to provide us with
proof of residence.

Recent Bank Statement**
Finally, you will need to provide a recent
bank statement for us.

**May Not Apply To All
Text Us