F&M Auto is here to help you get a car and
be driving it right away. We’re not here to
make you jump through hoops or feel
ashamed of any previous bad credit. We
only ask you to bring a few things with you to be able
to drive one of our cars today!

Valid ID
The first thing we will need from you is a
valid ID so you can prove you are who you
say you are. A driver’s license would be the
most ideal form of ID, but a passport or other
type of state-issued ID will work fine, too.

Income of $700 a month
You need to have an income of $700 or
more a month to be able to purchase one of
our many great used cars. Check out our broad selection

Last Paystub
You will need to bring with you your last
paystub so that you can prove to us that you
have an income of $700 or more a month.

Proof of Residence**
You will need to be able to provide us with
proof of residence.

Recent Bank Statement**
Finally, you will need to provide a recent
bank statement for us.

**May Not Apply To All