4 Ways F&M Secures Quality Inventory 
F&M Auto stands out from the pack with a unique way of choosing first-rate vehicles for our inventory. We take pride in each and every sale! Only the best-of-the-best inventory is offered so that you won’t run into issues with your used vehicle after purchasing it. The owner of F&M Auto, Frank, goes through a long thought-out process to pick out some of the finest used vehicles to offer for sale. Here are some of the ways he ensures high-quality used vehicles are available time and time again.

All Vehicles Come From Out-of-State
Every vehicle you’ll find on the lot at F&M Auto was not purchased within the state of Michigan. This is for a few reasons:
  1. We choose vehicles from states that require inspections for registration. In Michigan, you can get a registration for your car no matter its condition. Vehicle registration and renewal isn’t as simple in other states. There are many states that won’t allow registration without a required vehicle inspection by a professional. They want to make sure the vehicle is safe to drive for you and others on the roads. Other states require inspection for emission control. No matter the reason, cars from these states get consistently checked and their parts are kept up-to-date and in the best conditions. Those are the kinds of cars F&M Auto wants to be selling to you!
  2. We want to sell you the best quality! The state of Michigan uses salt on its roads, which causes wear and rust to your vehicle. We seek out inventory from the many states that do not use salt on their roads.
Reviewing Vehicles
There are a few other factors F&M Auto considers when looking for cars to add to our stock. First of all, we won’t buy a vehicle if it has any title issues. Once we know that there are no issues with the title, we look into the car’s history. Any vehicles that have been in accidents or have had major repairs reported, we will not buy. These cars are more likely to cause issues for the next car owner and we don’t want you to have to deal with those problems. Finally, we limit our choices to one previous owner. We’ve found vehicles with multiple owners tend to have less than great care put into them, making them prone to issues. 

Service Department Inspections
When fresh inventory arrives on our lot, right away they are sent to our service department. Each car, truck, SUV, and minivan is rigorously inspected to make sure it is in top-notch condition. If they are not, we make sure to fix common problems and return units showing major issues. 
Speaking of issues, we know Michigan roads aren’t the best and potholes can do a number to any vehicle. Our service department is also open to you for any repairs you might need in the future after purchasing your vehicle.

Types Of Cars In-Stock
From Buick and Chrysler to Nissan and Hyundai, you can find all makes and models in our huge selection. We focus on having American models in our stock and always carry a large inventory on our lot, with over 150 vehicles for you to choose from. Pick from small models like the Chevy Cruze, or large people-movers such as the Cadillac Escalade. F&M Auto is confident we have a vehicle that will fit your needs and your budget.
Get the best quality in a used vehicle. F&M goes through a long, rigorous searching process to determine which vehicles are worth offering for sale. Our customers are satisfied to the fullest! We go the extra mile to make sure they’re not coming back, saying they have issues with the vehicle that they purchased from us weeks or months ago. Browse our superior inventory today and get driving a quality used car, SUV, truck, or van with the F&M Auto seal of approval.