In many ways, vehicles are one of the most important and expensive purchases an average American will make, other than the buying of a home. Most will have to take out a loan that takes 5-7 years to pay off. Making sure you have a vehicle that will fit your specific needs is very important. There are three specific types of vehicles an average person looks at to buy: Sedans, SUVs, and Trucks. On top of those three, we also carry cargo vans for business or personal use. We’re going to break down the pros and cons of each one to help you decide the vehicle that’s right for you! 


Sedans, or cars, are the smallest body type of vehicle. Because of this, they tend to cost the least to purchase. These are a good choice when you’re on a tight budget. Also, due to their smaller size, they are lighter and more aerodynamic, leading to better fuel efficiency. Sedans are also easier to drive and park. Because they aren’t as top-heavy as SUVs and trucks, you have far less of a chance of rollover when maneuvering through tight turns. Another aspect is the trunk. A sedan has the advantage of closed trunks. You can store valuables there out of sight, adding extra security to your cargo. 

But a smaller size also means you can’t fit as many passengers. You’ll also find yourself having less cargo space and no way to tow trailers or anything heavy. Sedans are the perfect vehicle for someone who is on a budget, needs good gas mileage, but doesn’t have to worry about the space in their vehicle. If this sounds like the body style for you you can check out F&M’s Sedan Inventory here! Choose from Chevy Impala and Malibu; Ford Fusion; Chrysler 300 and more.


The popularity of SUVs has exploded over the years. The most obvious benefit is the sheer size. SUVs are great for families since you can fit more passengers and have up to three rows of seating in these vehicles. They also come with entertainment features like TVs to keep your passengers amused during long car rides. Because of their larger size, they usually have better crash-safety ratings to keep your precious cargo safe, whether that’s your young ones in the back or a four-legged friend you took for a ride. If you struggle with driving through severe weather and/or have to face it often, such as heavy snow, an SUV is better equipped than a sedan to handle these hazardous conditions. Most SUVs are even able to tow, unlike sedans. Finally, the driver enjoys greater visibility in an SUV because of its higher driving position and larger passenger windows and back windshield! 

The drawback to SUVs is that they tend to have a bigger price tag than your average sedan due to the larger size and optional features like a TV. They also don’t have as good of fuel efficiency as a sedan. These are great vehicles for parents who have to transport their kids around or someone who needs a little extra room for all the cargo they haul around. Does an SUV sound like the right body style fit for you? If so take a look at the used selection of SUV, Wagon & Utility Body vehicles at F&M Auto Sales. You can’t go wrong with models like Chevy Equinox, GMC Acadia, Dodge Durango, Chevy Suburban and more.


Next, we have the vehicle type Trucks. Trucks are the most capable vehicles when it comes to towing and cargo. If you have to haul a lot of heavy things constantly, from lumber to furniture, this is the vehicle for you. They generally have the most powerful engines you can find in commercial vehicles. Trucks can tow boats, trailers, campers, and even other vehicles with no issues. 

But if you don’t plan to use the truck bed or use its towing features, it might not be right for you. Trucks tend to be the hardest vehicle to drive due to the size and weight. Simple things such as parking can become a hassle. They also get the worst gas mileage of all three body types. They have less seating than SUVs but usually have the same as a Sedan. Trucks can be the best option for a working person that has to tow cargo consistently. If you need a good, durable, reliable truck, browse F&M’s Truck Inventory here! Browse Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, Cadillac Escalade, and more!

Cargo Vans

Last, but not least, are cargo vans. Full-size cargo vans offer the best solution for a variety of businesses. Regardless of what industry you might be in, cargo vans like the Ford Transit or RAM ProMaster offer fuel efficiency, reliability, space, and comfort. Cargo vans can be more fuel-efficient than box trucks and RVs that are used for business needs. Depending on the needs of your business, these can be better than traditional trucks as well because they are about equal in fuel economy but all your items are inside the vehicle and can be better protected from weather and temperatures. Someone such as a florist would want a cargo van over a truck for their transportation needs.

Even with all that being said, sometimes the right vehicle really depends on who you are. Some like to make a statement with their cars and will choose something sporty, luxurious, or eco-friendly. There are those that like go for something with more horsepower and a loud engine. In these instances, the practicality of your vehicle choice tends to take a back seat to how the car makes you feel. For those that need an everyday vehicle, functionality should be more influential than the flash. Whatever you’re looking for, F&M Auto Sales can help you get behind the wheel. Get credit approval today with our secure, online
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