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3 Ways to Benefit from a Vehicle Trade-In

Take advantage of the market and trade for top dollar right now. Due to the global shortage of chips, vehicle values are at an all-time high. Lots of dealerships have a low inventory of vehicles so they’re willing to pay good money for your used vehicle. F&M has no shortage of reliable vehicles, but we will still gladly buy your car from you. In fact, we will give you more money for your old car now than ever before! But it won’t last long. Vehicle values are projected to go down as early as fall. 

Why should you bring your trade-in to F&M Auto? Because we take them all! With us, it doesn’t matter how old your vehicle is or if it has high miles. We’ll even take it if it has damage! Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! We can take your old beat-up vehicles to get repaired and resold at auction to owners of older, high mileage lots. If you’re still not convinced, here are some other great reasons to trade in your vehicle…
Save On Sales Tax
People sometimes forget to factor in sales tax to the purchase, and vehicles are a big purchase. In the state of Michigan, a vehicle purchased for $25,000 is charged $1,500 when sales tax is at 6%! But a trade-in can help you can lower that sales tax price tag. When you bring your old vehicle, you only have to pay the sales tax of the difference between the purchase price and the value of your trade-in. So if you’re looking to lower the sales tax of your purchase, trading in is the best way to help you save a little extra!

Better Value On Your Vehicle Purchase
Selling cars is a big part of our job. As a highly-rated dealer, we understand how much your old vehicle is worth on the market. You should have an idea of the value as well. Use our easy online Trade-In Value form and quickly get the trade-in value on your vehicle. When on the hunt for a new-to-you car, use your vehicle trade-in to get a lower purchase price than what is typically advertised. F&M Auto is known to give substantial discounts on the purchase of a vehicle when a trade-in is involved. We love to help our customers save money with a trade-in while upgrading their ride.

Hassle-Free Process
Another huge benefit of trading in your vehicle is the time and work you save by not having to sell it yourself. No ads that take weeks or months for a response! No strangers calling or messaging your phone! More importantly, there’s no worry over the many ways online transactions can go bad. F&M Auto is here to keep the trade-in process simple. Stop by, get an estimate and close the deal. We’ll give you all the sales paperwork you need to complete. We will even take care of transferring the title and registering your car! All of this means much less hassle for you.

Interested in trading in your vehicle? With so many benefits, why wouldn’t you want to? F&M Auto Sales in Detroit is ready to pay top dollar and help you find a great vehicle to replace your trade-in with. Check out our giant selection of high-quality used vehicles to get started on your trade-in process. This is the time to trade-in your vehicle. Hurry in before the market changes!

Sell Your Lease Turn-In or Trade | F&M Auto

Are you tired of repairs on your current high mileage vehicle? Stop wasting your time and money on repairs. Have you recently lost your job or lost wages and can’t afford your car’s monthly payments? Get rid of the payment - NOW is the time. F&M Auto Sales will buy your vehicle from you. Maybe your family has grown and you need a larger vehicle to haul your kids to school - NOW is the time to upgrade! If your payoff through Credit Acceptance is high and you think you cannot trade-in your vehicle - NOW IS THE TIME. 

Did you know that now is the best time to sell your lease turn-in or trade? Recently there has been a semiconductor chip shortage. This chip shortage has caused major delays in the production of all new vehicles. The reason that these chips are extremely important is that they help run components of new vehicles. They help run some of the newer tech in infotainment systems and even more basic parts, such as power steering and brakes. Experts say vehicles have hundreds of semiconductors, if not more, and as vehicles become more complex and high-tech there is a need for more chips in each vehicle. 
The chip shortage is good news for anyone trying to get rid of their car, though! Because of the shortage, many dealerships, like F&M Auto, are offering you great prices on your old ride. Trade-in values are at an all-time high, and it’s time for you to take advantage! So stop waiting and get that great price on your lease turn-in or trade-in, making now the best time to upgrade your ride. You can upgrade to get better features like Apple CarPlay or AndroidAuto, and better gas mileage to save money at the pump. Upside down on your Credit Acceptance loan? Let F&M Auto Sales pay off your Credit Acceptance Loan. You can even quickly get the value of your trade-in right on their website. It’s easy - just fill out some information on the Trade-In page to learn your trade-in’s value at F&M Auto.

Not only will F&M give you a great bargain on your lease turn-in or trade, but we also have one of the best vehicle selections in Detriot! F&M Auto has an inventory of over 100 vehicles in stock. This includes a wide range of SUVs and vehicles with 3rd-row seating. We focus on having American models in our stock and undergo a long, rigorous searching process to determine which vehicles are worth offering for sale. You’ll find vehicles from Buick and Chrysler to Ford, Chevy, and more. You can read more about our search process in our blog, 4 Ways F&M Secures Quality Inventory. Or browse through our superior inventory today and get driving a quality used car, SUV, truck, or van with the F&M Auto seal of approval.
NOW IS THE TIME to take advantage of the changes in the auto industry. Stop wasting your time and money on repairs or vehicles you can no longer comfortably afford. Visit F&M Auto Sales and let us make an offer on your used vehicle or lease turn-in. There’s no time like NOW to upgrade!

Using Your Tax Refund Wisely

It’s tax season once again and your refund will be coming in soon. There are many ways to use your refund, so this year put your refund towards a smart investment and upgrade your vehicle. Whether your car is breaking down or you’re paying too much at the gas pump, there’s plenty of reasons to finally make that upgrade. Monthly payments for a used vehicle might not sound ideal to you, but consistent repairs on a less-than-reliable car can end up being very similar to monthly payments. 

Tax refunds in recent years average around $3,000, according to the IRS. Most people don't plan a refund within their budgets, and because of that, it leads to the idea of your refund being more of a bonus or something to splurge with. Instead of wasting your refund on something unnecessary, why not use it on something you need and use daily? You might be curious about how using a tax refund could affect financing a car. Let’s break it down a little to show you what kind of difference a tax refund might make when financing a vehicle with F&M Auto Sales. 

That chunk of change can provide you with a great down payment on your next ride. Your refund can go a long way toward covering the typical 12 percent down payment on the average price of a vehicle. It’s smart to put between 10 to 20 percent down on a vehicle, and being able to put down a larger amount of money will drop your monthly payment and provide useful savings on interest charges!

You don’t have to use all of your refund on the down payment. Another option is saving your refund to use as a head start on your payments. A refund of $3,000 could be used to help you make up to 11 payments of $269. That covers almost a year’s worth of payments! That’s a pretty great start. 
F&M Auto has teamed up with over 30 lenders so that we can offer you fast and secure financing. Our specialty is placing you into a program that fits your auto financing needs. No matter your credit history, we are happy to work with you and get you approved. We make getting financing so easy! All you have to do is fill out our secure online application. Within no time you’ll get an approval that’s good for days. At F&M Auto, you can get approved for payments as low as $150/month. Or if you don’t want to finance, you certainly don’t have to! Instead, use your tax refund to purchase a vehicle with a cash deal. 

We’ll help you invest your refund wisely and get you driving the vehicle you want to drive and pay for. Browse our enormous inventory of excellent used vehicles on our website. Used cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans of all makes and models for sale. We carry lots of American-made vehicles like Buick, Cadillac, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Jeep, and Chrysler at the best deals in town! Come in with your tax refund today and treat yourself or a loved one to a quality used vehicle from the dealership proudly serving the entire Metro Detroit area since 2004.

Treat Yourself To A Better Used Vehicle

You made it through the New Year and now the first month of 2021, it’s time you truly treated yourself because you deserve it. Lots of us have received stimulus checks and we’re looking forward to getting a good tax refund. Don’t waste that money buying something you don’t need, or on something that won’t help you out in the long run. Everyone needs a great working car, so use that extra cash to reward yourself. Get more bang for your buck here at F&M Auto Sales! We have some of the best used car deals around. 

Treat yourself to a car with better technology! You deserve nice things and you can afford to drive a car with Bluetooth capabilities. Lots of our cars are newer models that have great ways to pair with your phone so you can listen to whatever music you want instead of having to rely on the radio for entertainment during your drives. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can also answer and make hands-free phone calls, making your driving safer. 

Treat yourself to a vehicle with lower miles! From 2007 to 2018, every model is rigorously inspected before purchase. At F&M Auto, we only stock the highest quality so you’re less likely to run into any vehicle issues. Now is the time to stop servicing that old car every month; an upgrade will be worth it to you in the long run. You can even find plenty of vehicles with great gas mileage in our lot, making your vehicle upgrade especially valuable at the gas pump!

Treat yourself to a dealership that believes in treating every customer like family! We want you as a customer, not just for this purchase, but as a customer for life. F&M Auto has a Certified Service Center with licensed mechanics on-site to inspect every vehicle before it's sold. And our service department is here to help you with vehicle service for any future repairs. 

Treat yourself to more affordable payments! All of our vehicles are listed as fair blue book value or even better! This is even true for our listings on CarGurus, where you can find Good Deal Ratings on our 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited Sedan, Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude, and 2013 Ford Fusion. You’ll also find over 100 units listed at Fair Deals. 

Treat yourself to 100% fast and easy financing! How can we offer credit for everyone? Because we’re connected with over 30 lenders. We’ll get you into a program that fits your auto financing needs. Self-Employment, Fixed Income, Repos, Medical Bills -- no matter your credit, we will work with you and you’ll be approved. We’ve made it so easy! All you need to do is fill out our secure online application and, in no time, get an approval that’s good for days. It’s no trick and we’re not going to give you high payments. At F&M Auto we’ve approved payments as low as $150/month. Or if you don’t want to finance, you certainly don’t have to! Ask about purchasing your vehicle with a cash deal instead. 

Come in person to view our vast inventory or check it out on our website. F&M Auto has over 100 vehicles in stock, including lots of great SUVs to help you drive in this winter weather. We carry lots of American-made vehicles like Buick, Cadillac, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Jeep, and Chrysler at the best deals in town! We’ve proudly served the entire Metro Detroit area since 2004. Come in today and treat yourself or a loved one to a quality used vehicle.

4 Ways F&M Secures Quality Inventory

4 Ways F&M Secures Quality Inventory 
F&M Auto stands out from the pack with a unique way of choosing first-rate vehicles for our inventory. We take pride in each and every sale! Only the best-of-the-best inventory is offered so that you won’t run into issues with your used vehicle after purchasing it. The owner of F&M Auto, Frank, goes through a long thought-out process to pick out some of the finest used vehicles to offer for sale. Here are some of the ways he ensures high-quality used vehicles are available time and time again.

All Vehicles Come From Out-of-State
Every vehicle you’ll find on the lot at F&M Auto was not purchased within the state of Michigan. This is for a few reasons:
  1. We choose vehicles from states that require inspections for registration. In Michigan, you can get a registration for your car no matter its condition. Vehicle registration and renewal isn’t as simple in other states. There are many states that won’t allow registration without a required vehicle inspection by a professional. They want to make sure the vehicle is safe to drive for you and others on the roads. Other states require inspection for emission control. No matter the reason, cars from these states get consistently checked and their parts are kept up-to-date and in the best conditions. Those are the kinds of cars F&M Auto wants to be selling to you!
  2. We want to sell you the best quality! The state of Michigan uses salt on its roads, which causes wear and rust to your vehicle. We seek out inventory from the many states that do not use salt on their roads.
Reviewing Vehicles
There are a few other factors F&M Auto considers when looking for cars to add to our stock. First of all, we won’t buy a vehicle if it has any title issues. Once we know that there are no issues with the title, we look into the car’s history. Any vehicles that have been in accidents or have had major repairs reported, we will not buy. These cars are more likely to cause issues for the next car owner and we don’t want you to have to deal with those problems. Finally, we limit our choices to one previous owner. We’ve found vehicles with multiple owners tend to have less than great care put into them, making them prone to issues. 

Service Department Inspections
When fresh inventory arrives on our lot, right away they are sent to our service department. Each car, truck, SUV, and minivan is rigorously inspected to make sure it is in top-notch condition. If they are not, we make sure to fix common problems and return units showing major issues. 
Speaking of issues, we know Michigan roads aren’t the best and potholes can do a number to any vehicle. Our service department is also open to you for any repairs you might need in the future after purchasing your vehicle.

Types Of Cars In-Stock
From Buick and Chrysler to Nissan and Hyundai, you can find all makes and models in our huge selection. We focus on having American models in our stock and always carry a large inventory on our lot, with over 150 vehicles for you to choose from. Pick from small models like the Chevy Cruze, or large people-movers such as the Cadillac Escalade. F&M Auto is confident we have a vehicle that will fit your needs and your budget.
Get the best quality in a used vehicle. F&M goes through a long, rigorous searching process to determine which vehicles are worth offering for sale. Our customers are satisfied to the fullest! We go the extra mile to make sure they’re not coming back, saying they have issues with the vehicle that they purchased from us weeks or months ago. Browse our superior inventory today and get driving a quality used car, SUV, truck, or van with the F&M Auto seal of approval.

Winter Driving With F&M Auto

Winter Driving Checklist
It’s that time of year when we get less daylight and more frost on our car windows. It’s very important to drive safely during the winter, the last thing you want is to be stuck out in the cold after an accident. There are many great ways to prepare yourself and your vehicle for the winter months. The snow and ice isn’t your only obstacle in the winter months, the cold can do a lot of damage on its own. You’d rather be safe than sorry, so what you need to do is be prepared for the worst.

1) Check Your Tires
No matter what time of year it is, you should always be checking up on your vehicle and making sure everything from tire pressure to battery level is looking good. But it’s more important to check these during the wintertime because the cold is a major factor affecting these things. As you’re scraping that ice away in the morning before your commute you should look at your tires. If you can visibly see that one is low, this can have a chance of causing great damage to your vehicle and needs to be addressed. It’s highly recommended that you check the tire pressure of each tire before you drive your car, which is something most of us don’t do. 
Another thing to check is the tire tread. As your car’s tires are used, the tread wears, limiting the effectiveness of your tire’s traction. An easy way to check this is with the penny trick. Take a penny and place Lincoln’s head into several tread grooves across the tire. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head throughout, your treads are shallow and worn. If this is the case, your tires need to be replaced.

2) Take A Look At Your Battery
Another thing you should check, at least at the beginning of winter - if not monthly during the wintertime, is your car’s battery level. Lots of auto shop stores will check this for you for free. They will tell you how your battery is doing and if you might need a new one. The last thing you want in the winter is your car not starting, having to call for a friend to help, or, in the worst case, need a tow. 

3) Don’t Skip Over The Wipers
Your windshield wipers should be checked every six months for cracks and wear. It’s very important to have good ones during the wintertime because you’ll need to use them the most during this time. If you don’t prop your wipers up during the winter to make sure ice doesn’t form around them, you should check them every time there is snow or frost on your vehicle. If you were to apply the wipers without checking if they are frozen to your windshield, you could risk damaging them. Even if you let your car warm up and do the hard work of removing the frost on your windshield, it’s always smart to check your wipers before driving off.
Secondly, you should check the level of your wiper fluid at the beginning of winter. To check it, open the hood of your car. It's usually a white, translucent container with a windshield/water symbol on the cap. If your wiper fluid is looking low, you should go to a nearby auto shop or even a gas station to buy more fluid for your car.

4) Change Your Oil
Your car’s oil is essential. It’s the lubrication for your car’s engine to run properly. Cold weather can thicken oil. This can disrupt the ability of the oil to circulate through the engine properly. If you haven’t changed your oil in a while, you could cause damage to your engine in the winter by waiting any longer. Experts recommend using a thinner oil during the winter months. The best thing for you to do is to consult your owner’s manual or a mechanic to see if that approach is right for your vehicle.

5) Keep These In Your Car
Extra Coat & Gloves: We often forget how quickly the weather can change. When you start your trip in your car, the weather could be fine for just a light jacket, but if you going for a long drive or not coming home until later, it could be freezing by the time you’re back. Gloves are another great thing to keep in your car. Especially if you have to scrape off ice from your window.
First Aid Kit: Life is unpredictable and we all know accidents happen, we just never know when or what they might be. A great thing to always keep in your car, no matter the season, is a small first aid kit. 
Shovel and Sand: You might get stuck in a snowy situation. A great thing to have in this situation is a shovel or sand. You can use the shovel to move snow aside and hopefully be able to get some traction with the road. If that’s not working the sand comes into play. You can pour sand, or even kitty litter, around a tire that is not getting traction to help. 

Make sure you’re prepared in the winter months. We hope you don’t have issues with your winter driving, but it’s always better to be prepared. Drive safe! 

Financing With F&M Auto

Financing is a stressful word for most of us. It comes with many negative connotations and is especially worse for people that have struggled with their finances. But it’s nearly impossible to get through your life without having to finance things, one of them being a car. Nowadays, almost everyone needs a car to get around. To be able to drive to work, go to the store, and take your kids to school. You should be able to buy yourself a car even if you have bad credit. No matter who you are or where you’re from, we believe that everyone deserves to own the car of their dreams. 

At F&M Auto Sales, we’re here to help you finance your choice of any of our high-quality pre-owned vehicles. Your credit shouldn’t hold you back from owning a car you can be proud of -- and here, it won’t! Whether you stop by our lot to check out our large inventory of sleek cars, heavy-duty trucks, and rugged SUVs or visit our virtual showroom, our dedicated sales staff is here to make your next purchase the best buying experience possible. You can go to our Auto Loan Calculator to start calculating what your monthly payments might be.

Benefits of Financing with F&M
There are many benefits when buying a car and financing with us at F&M. We’ve had so many great reviews from our pleased customers over the years because we go out of our way. We ensure that every customer gets the right financing that they can afford so they can be driving their dream car. Some of the major benefits that you’ll find with us and not other dealerships are:

  1. Many dealerships have only one or two lenders. We have more lenders than most dealerships in the area, which means that we offer more financing options for our customers. 
  2. You don’t need a cosigner
  3. F&M makes sure that your payments are affordable. 
  4. We can even possibly help you boost your credit score as we did for, Keneshia Mccollins, “Altogether it was $3,500...my insurance tags registration and plate were included. My note is 332 for 24mths. I love it because I didn't need a cosigner and it instantly took my credit scores up 22points.” 

F&M auto is always glad to hear that we can help get our customers on the road in the car they’ve always wanted.

Don’t be afraid of financing anymore. F&M is here to help you. We aren’t going to overwhelm you with large payments. With our financing, your payments will be reasonable and affordable. We will get you financed, we will get you in one of our great cars, and you have a great chance of even improving your credit score like Keneshia! Check out our inventory today and apply online hassle-free. If you have a possible Trade-In you can even get started with that evaluation by filling out our Trade-In Form.

What you need to drive today

F&M Auto is here to help you get a car and
be driving it right away. We’re not here to
make you jump through hoops or feel
ashamed of any previous bad credit. We
only ask you to bring a few things with you to be able
to drive one of our cars today!

Valid ID
The first thing we will need from you is a
valid ID so you can prove you are who you
say you are. A driver’s license would be the
most ideal form of ID, but a passport or other
type of state-issued ID will work fine, too.

Income of $700 a month
You need to have an income of $700 or
more a month to be able to purchase one of
our many great used cars. Check out our broad selection

Last Paystub
You will need to bring with you your last
paystub so that you can prove to us that you
have an income of $700 or more a month.

Proof of Residence**
You will need to be able to provide us with
proof of residence.

Recent Bank Statement**
Finally, you will need to provide a recent
bank statement for us.

**May Not Apply To All
Text Us